Our Story

Mondo Fresco was born with the realization of passion for honoring the age-old tradition of welcoming guests around a table, taking the time to eat, drink and enjoy la bellavita.

Our menu is revolves around fresh ingredients possible, and our love towards cooking beautiful food. Mondo Fresco, the name itself stands out what it means "Fresh World".

When you walk into each store, the one thing you'll always find at Mondo Fresco is that each store has its own special design different to each other, which shows our love towards our nature, belief of recycling and feeling of dining in with friends, family and nature.

At Mondo Fresco, we have a can-do attitude. We believe in listening to our customers, improving with their feedback and taking pride in our service and food. We aim to make you feel that every store is a new experience.

Light, Fresh, packed with flavor and married with subtle ingredients, our dishes are gathering a cult following from near and far.

Mondo Fresco is the ideal location for any special occasion, including Christmas Parties, Birthday Celebrations, and Corporate Functions. Whether it's a relaxed family gathering, a formal celebration, sporting event or a corporate event our catering menu is inspired to be tailored to meet your exact needs.

The Vision

Make every customer feel better with the freshest flavors and ingredients.

Our Promise

To provide "healthy", made-to-order food with it's fresh experience.

Our Pillar of Success

In order to maintain the quality and success, we rely on four core values Passion, Consistency, Improvement and Pride.

Well, now you know who we are, how about joining us for a lunch or dinner tonight and introduce yourself?