In order to help you with your questions, we have developed an answer to our Frequently asked questions, in case you have any other questions, you can email us at  info@mondofresco.com.au

Is your tomato sauce Vegetarian


Yes, however, it may not be suitable for all vegetarians as it contains onion & garlic. All our sauces have onion and garlic cooked with the base.

Do you have any meat sauce


Bolognese is our meat sauce, but we have options to add meat like chicken, bacon etc. in any other sauces as well.

What's in your Meatballs


Our Meatballs mainly contains Beef, Oil and Spices.

What kind of Mussels do you use


We use the New Zealand Green Half Shell Mussels.

Do you have Gluten Free Pasta's


Yes! Though saying that, we don't use or make Fresh Gluten Free Pasta's and the reason for that is due to the nature of our restaurant, because we use Semolina in our traditional Pasta. We are researching more options in regards to the same.

Can I organize a Party / Catering at your restaurant


Yes certainly, we can definitely make arrangements for a party at the restaurant or even small to large sized catering orders can be delivered to your place.

Can I call in advance to reserve a table


Yes we do take bookings and can make reservations for you.