Welcome TO Mondo Fresco

At Mondo Fresco, we are all about our Vision of Combining simple, fresh and seasonal ingredients to create unforgettable culinary experiences.

Everyday, we make our Pasta's fresh by using 100% Semolina Flour, Durum and Egg Pasta topped with our perfecto Sauces, Made with a lot of Passion and More of Love.

We make Italian Food but not as you Know it…..

Italian but not as you know it


Come in as a Stranger and Leave as a friend

And be the first in the know about special offers and events!

Eat Fresh Pasta and Pizza

Our Story

Mondo Fresco was born with the realization of passion for honoring the age-old tradition of welcoming guests around a table, taking the time to eat, drink and enjoy la bellavita.

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Every day we only use the freshest ingredients to bring you a deliciously, perfect Mondo experience!

An adventure in fresh local produce with rustic flavour & charm there is nothing like it! We dedicate ourselves in making fresh delicious food really fast! We are passionate about what we cook in our kitchens, we are growing brand of restaurants offering freshly made pasta's and pizza's, with a pipping hot dine in, gourmet take away and lip smacking deliveries.

A bit of Passion, Pinch of Freshness, and a lot of Love is a combination of Mondo Fresco.